Logging into the virtual web conferencing room

If you know the URL for a specific room, you can access it directly. If you are not logged in, the login website will be displayed. You can choose to connect anonymously or log in (according to room settings). For anonymous access choose Vstup pro návštěvníky/Enter as a Guest and fill in your display name. For logging-in choose the Přihlásit se/Login and click on eduID.cz button, which will be started the process of federative authentication.

Logging into the system

The CESNET Adobe Connect login screen will be displayed when visiting CESNET if you are not logged-in. For the start of authentication click on aduID.cz button. After ending of the federative authentication process you will be granted access to the application.

Logging off

You can log off from the application by clicking on Logout link in the top right corner.

:!: Logging off the application does not mean logging off the eduID.cz federation context. It is possible that you will be able to log into the application without the necessity of authentication (providing username and password). If are other people able to access your computer, we recommend closing the web browser just ti be sure.

How to test Adobe Connect service

The easiest way to connect is through testing connection:

You can also test if your computer suits the minimal requirements for using Adobe Connect.

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