Video conferencing services in CESNET2 network

CESNET provides video conferencing networks mostly in form of infrastructure for maintaining and consultation. Infrastructure consists of signalization servers for H.323/SIP video conferencing and shared resources.

Video conferencing infrastructure consist of servers, which maintain multi-point video conferencing (MCU), servers which provide recording and streaming of video conferences (TCS) ant two gatekeepers. Vidcon gatekeeper contains video conferencing terminals, MCU and TCS and it is subject to a borderline gatekeeper, which provides connection to inner SIP/IP telephony network, but mostly for connection to foreign academy networks using GDS. GDS is the hierarchy of institutional, national and international routing units for H.323 which main purpose is to connect video conferencing sources of the scientific community of the whole world. Using GDS you can be connected to MCU sources and terminals in DFN, NIIF, SWITCH, ESNET and other networks. GDS uses numbers in the international format with the 00 prefix (for example, 00420950087999).

Last modified:: 2016/11/23 22:38