Basic equipment for web conferencing is web camera and headphones with microphone. We recommend buying quality components because the quality of captured video and audio (good microphone) is the critical aspect when web conferencing. Recommended web cameras for web conferencing system Adobe Connect on desktop platforms are:

  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio
  • Logitech Webcam c920
  • Logicech Webcam c615

Quality headphones with microphones are necessary for the elimination of echo and for restricting the noise of surroundings. It is important for the microphone to record only the voice of attendee without the surroundings because surroundings do not have to be quiet. Headphones will restrict the noise of surroundings in time of teleconferencing or video conferencing and attendee's hands are free. Because web conferencing can often last few hours the quality headphones assure certain comfort for the user. External microphone with restricted feedback (for example, Clearone Chat 150) can be added to software client. This device is necessary in a case of more attendees teleconferencing or video conferencing in same room.

Recommended headphones with microphone and echo cancellation microphones:

  • KOSS CS100
  • KOSS SB45
  • Roccat Vire
  • Sennheiser PC161
  • Sennheiser Headset PC230
  • Sennheiser Headset PC163D
  • Sennheiser PC36
  • ClearSea Chat 50
  • ClearSea Chat 150
  • Jabbra Speak 410/510
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