About the service

Web conferencing in CESNET2 networks are based on us maintained an instance of Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is web conferencing system suitable for workgroup meetings, where is not necessary to interactively work with shared materials, to create seminars for tens or thousands of users, distributed lecture, and so on. Adobe Connect provides following functionality:

  • does not require the installation of client - the tool works through Adobe Flash plugin in a web browser. Application requires Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed and internet connection.
  • virtual rooms - attendees are meeting in virtual rooms. These rooms remember their state even when all attendees have left which means it is possible to come back later and look through the shared materials.
  • voice connection - attendees with a microphone can stream their voice to others, attendees with speakers can hear
  • video connection - attendees with a camera can stream their video to others
  • text chat - attendees can write short messages to others through the chat window
  • sharing images, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations - attendees can show PDFs, Powerpoint presentations or pictures to others.
  • Sharing MP3 audio recordings - attendees can play the audio from the file in MP3 format to others
  • sharing whiteboard - attendees can (all attendees at the same time) draw on the common whiteboard
  • sharing the computer desktop - attendees with MS-Windows can share a program window or whole desktop of their computer. Other attendees can ask to allow them to remote control.
  • voting - room administrator can create a voting window in which will attendees vote

Terms and conditions under which personal data collated in providing the CESNET e-infrastructure services are processed you can find here

Overview of Flash version for the different system and the test of installed version is available at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/. The current version of Flash plug-in is available at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. The current version is automatically installed if you use Google Chrome web browser.

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