How to register end hardware device

Contact us at vidcon@cesnet.cz in the case of video conferencing devices supporting H.323 protocol. Do not forget to state following information:

  • Device name identification. We recommend choosing the combination of the institution, location or type of device, for example, CVUT FEL D309 LS.
  • Device location - address and room or the information about the type of room: lecture, meeting or office. Specify the person if the device is assigned to a person (personal unit).
  • Contact (e-mail, telephone number) of the person responsible for the device, technical worker who will be able to solve the problems with the device.
  • Type of the device, a short description of the installation process and usage, for example, if it is integrated into controller system of the room, what are display possibilities, if it is active at all times (Accepts the calls automatically).
  • IP address. Recommended information which is used mainly for control.

You will receive information about configuration from us shortly. Terms and conditions under which personal data collated in providing the CESNET e-infrastructure services are processed you can find here.

If the device supports the SIP protocol and wants to use it, please mark this requirement. If your device wants to use both protocols at the same time, you need to gain two registrations. It is common to support both protocols by modern hardware video conferencing devices.

Last modified:: 2018/05/24 15:41